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Why Choose
Wi'Share Transport

Our identity is our people & Transport is our expertise.

Benefits of Choosing WiShare Transport:

Our drіvеrѕ, which are соmрrіѕеd of bоth company аnd оwnеr ореrаtоr fleets are wеll vеrѕеd іn transporting уоur gооdѕ. 

  • Effісіеnt Truсklоаd ѕеrvісе Management.

  • Temperature Cоntrоllеd Sеrvісеѕ

  • Sаfеtу Mіndеd Inіtіаtіvеѕ

  • Dеdісаtеd Sеrvісе

  • Nо hіddеn fees

  • Excellent ѕеrvісе аnd mаrkеt-соmреtіtіvе rаtеѕ

  • Sіnglе point оf contact wіth ѕроt оr соntrасt рrісіng

  • Thе industry’s top cross-border frеіght carriers


A strong sense of ethical business conduct & technical expertise has been the foundation of Wi'share Transport’s Commitment to clients and success.

Our motto is that great businesses are built through positive client experiences and relationships. Our ‘We Care’ philosophy is bound to everything we do from the initial stages through to the post delivery support we offer.

Our primary objective is to ensure that customers see greater than expected results & measurable ROI. Every client is a returning client and that is how we build long term business relationships.

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Developing unparalleled relationships with our clients by always focusing on providing sustainable solutions with measurable results and returns on investment.

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A leading Logistics provider that is committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improve their business.

A Partner You Can Trust


Being trusted with your mission is a privilege & responsibility we take with the utmost importance and care.

Message from the CEO

WiShare is not just a company, but an emerging accomplishment of an idea that sparked. An idea that we are greater together than the sum of our parts. An idea that business is not just about profits, but adding value to our customers, employees and everyone we interact with.

Our employees see all our projects as a labour of love and, so, success matters and is important to us all. We have built our philosophy on the foundation of two key principles. Firstly, the relentless customer service, quality of work & our promise to our customers that is synonymous with WiShare. Secondly, valuing our employees and providing a relaxed, modern working environment that promote safety, innovation and perpetual improvement, focusing on clients needs.

Wi'Share’s success can be attributed to our expanding list of talented professionals who deliver world class solutions time and time again, and our customers who expect nothing less from us. It is this dynamics that has shaped our evolving inventory of incredible achievements and has allowed us to not simply survive, but grow, even during the recent period of economic instability. 

We look forward to many productive collaborations with our clients and, fulfilling our social responsibilities by actively participating in charitable work as an important part of our company’s future. We pride ourselves on the great relationships we have built and the positive footprint we have left behind. If you are looking for a responsible, capable and dynamic logistics partner to help with your business or wish to join our team, contact us today and thank you for visiting us online.

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* Please do not use this form to solicit Wi'Share Transport as it is intended for customers to get more information on Wi'Share Transport's Services, thank you.

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